The Hidden Seaweed Garden Collection: Siphoned Feather Weed, Duncannon beach


Discover rich and varied seaweeds from around Ireland’s coastline through The Hidden Seaweed Garden Collection.

This pressing from the collection features Siphoned Feather Weed (Heterosiphonia plumosa). It was collected at Duncannon beach, County Wexford in July 2022. It is a unique and one-off piece of art; no two pressed seaweeds are the same. An ideal gift for anyone who loves the sea. 

Each seaweed specimen is carefully collected (not harvested) and pressed by hand on high-quality paper. It includes a handwritten note including English and Latin specimen names and its collection location/date.
Framed (16 x 21 cm)
Wrapped for delivery/collection

Please keep away from direct sunlight as this might naturally cause the colours to fade over time.


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