Hello, I'm Karolina.

I’m originally from Poland, where I grew up in beautiful Sopot. Ireland became my precious new home over 16 years ago. I live in Sutton, County Dublin with my better half Eoin and a rather large collection of plants. 

I have always had a love for arts and crafts. My Mum was very lucky - a piece of paper, a pen and scissors used to keep me busy (and quiet) for hours before I can remember. It hasn't changed much. I draw, doodle and make things in my free time. I love the creative process and how mindful, calm and happy it makes me. And Anulka is just that - a way to share my creative makings with you. Anulka is my arty alter ego. It comes from a nickname my Grandmother gave me for some unknown reason, and I love it 🙂  

I’m inspired by nature and art. My love for nature comes from growing up near the Baltic Sea and forests, as well as living near Burrow beach and Howth, and having the most spectacular landscapes and wildlife at my doorstep. My love for art has a long story and resulted in an even longer education path... I have a BA & MA in History of Art, and a PhD in Digital Humanities and History of Art and Architecture.

I love water... Strolling the beaches, rockpooling, beachcombing, swimming (year round!), and Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). The latter is a great way of getting on the water, exploring new places, meeting people and simply enjoying the water. Whenever I'm paddleboarding, chances are I'm with Discover SUP!

I'm also passionate about all things digital & heritage and I'm very lucky to do exactly that for a living. I have a dream job at Noho and work with the most creative people in the field.

Oh, have I mentioned photography? Another love to add... Have a look yourself here.

That's about me in a nutshell. 

Thanks for stopping by!



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