Wedding gift | hand drawn A4 illustration | made to order

This piece for made to order as a wedding gift for Kara and Darragh. The preparation for this order included a number of emails with lists, hints and even pictures of the couple to capture the most of their character and personality as a couple. I got a great list of items, objects and symbols of shared passions, travel destinations, landmarks… Even an American baseball team! This piece is filled with things like landmarks (San Francisco), travel destinations (Japan, Rio de Janeiro), endless objects related to the couple’s passion for sailing and water, Irish and Dutch elements reflecting their roots as well as mini logos of the universities the went to. As you can see this is a unique and personal wedding gift – an illustration filled with love & passion of the couple.

For the central piece I copied a drawing of a windmill that appeared on the couple’s wedding invitation, I hope they liked this little touch too!

If this is something you would like to give as a wedding or anniversary present, click here for more details.







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