Summer, seashells and stamp fabric printing DIY project

The Summer has ended, but I will try to keep my holiday memories as long as possible to get me through the Winter. This time, these are all about the sea, sand and seashells. I collected many more shells this year and the plan is to get them nicely displayed in a some sort of a treasure box. But that’s a DIY project for Autumn, this one is about a simple and easy stamp fabric printing of… seashells!

What do you need?

Fabric – it can be a plain t-shirt, pillow case, tote bag… Anything really! I got a cheap and plain white vest in Primark.

Rubber stamp – these are very easy to buy nowadays and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Try Etsy, AmazonTiger, Art & Hobby or any of your local stationery or arts and crafts shops. This particular one I got as a present:-)

Wash-resistant ink – look for laundry and wash-resistant inks and paints, which you can use with a stamp pad. I went for an easy and mess-free option by using a marker. There are many laundry markers out there; the one I used was Sharpie Rub-a-Dub Laundry Marker.

Base – to keep your two layers of fabric separated from each other, put something flat and solid in between like a cardboard or a an old plastic chopping board:-)

Tip: If you want each stamp print to be sharp and of equal intensity, apply a new layer of ink each time. I used each layer 2-3 times to get this faded effect. Either way, practise first on a piece of paper and see what works for you.

I will share another stamp fabric printing DIY project in a couple of weeks. This time it will be all about letters and favourite quotes… Watch this space!

Best of luck!



IMG_6130a IMG_6132 IMG_6134 IMG_6136  IMG_6140 IMG_6143IMG_6139

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