Liffey Street Rooftop with Dublin Sketchers | 9 August 2015

I heard about the Dublin Sketchers before, but I’ve never managed to join or get in touch with the group. Until last Saturday, when I met one Dublin Sketcher while working with Slick at the Fiestaval in Dublin. Georgina drew my attention sketching the surroundings of the Meeting House Square – check it out here. So after a very interesting chat with Georgina I decided to join Dublin Sketchers on their next meet up.

And I’m so glad I did. It was such a lovely Sunday afternoon, with very charming people and their absolutely amazing sketches. Dublin Sketchers organised a superb venue for this meet up – a private rooftop location on Lower Liffey Street with views of the River Liffey, the Ha’penny Bridge and endless rooftops of old and new Dublin around. It was very kind of the owner to invite us, but we were also an easy little crowd to have around as we were all so amazed by the views and started sketching straight away. After solid two hours (time flies when you get creative, trust me!), we headed to the nearby Foam Cafe for a coffee, delicious cakes, chats and of course, to look at each other sketchbooks. This was a fantastic experience! So many different styles, view, details, colours and lines. I find it amazing that people can look at the same things, but see and sketch / draw them so differently. Someone captured the movements of busy crowd down the street, someone else a detailed and colourful piece of street art across, and someone else the details of rooftops with all the chimneys, antennas, pipes and roof tiles. Amazing mixture altogether, I can’t wait to see Dublin Sketchers’ blog post to see the sketches again!

Here are my wobbly sketches:-)

2015-08-09 21.11.29-12015-08-09 21.11.59-1 2015-08-09 21.11.02-12015-08-09 21.12.20-12015-08-09 21.10.37-2

Dublin Sketchers and the Liffey Street Rooftop:

2015-08-09 14.14.142015-08-09 14.15.20-1 2015-08-09 14.52.18-12015-08-09 15.54.36-1 2015-08-09 14.52.37-1 2015-08-09 14.52.23-12015-08-09 15.04.16-1 2015-08-09 15.54.46-12015-08-09 15.49.55-1

Coffee & sketchbooks time:

2015-08-09 16.45.18-1 2015-08-09 16.35.03-12015-08-09 16.45.24-1 2015-08-09 16.45.16-1 2015-08-09 16.35.13-1 2015-08-09 16.35.06-1 2015-08-09 16.35.09-1

See you next week Dublin Sketchers!

Karolina x

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