Hand-drawn A5 greeting card | made to order

I’m very particular about greeting cards… If I buy a greeting card, it’s usually the ONE. The one that perfectly matches not only the occasion, but more importantly the person. I always keep an eye for unique cards that say much more the text through their design, quality and concept. But more often I make cards, because I want people to get something really special and unique. The quantity of cards we give others these days is enormous, and unfortunately most of them sooner or later end up in the bin. I always have this in mind when I give a card, this little hope that if the card is handmade – it might be kept, even if that means the attic or a shoebox. The thought that in ten or twenty years time someone will dig it up and go back to our shared memories from the past, and smile, then it makes it worthwhile!

This is the idea behind the custom made cards I make – to make them more personal and meaningful, and help to keep the memories for longer. If you are looking for a card that is hand-drawn, personal, unique and special – this one is the ONE!

For more details and to make a purchase, please visit my Etsy shop.

A6-card-happy-birthday-mum-1 A6-card-happy-birthday-mum-2 A6-card-happy-birthday-mum-3


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