Hand-drawn A4 illustration | Robots

I don’t remember when my fascination with robots started… But certainly I have my type! It’s this kind of squarish boxy thing with eyes sticking out. Just like Wall-e (2008), the cutest robot ever made (I almost said ‘born’!), also made out of a pencil, watch the video here. Before that it was Johhny 5 from Short Circuit (1986), and before that was R2-D2 in Star Wars (from 1977). The only exception would be Baymax from the Super Hero 6 (2014), but it might be my ‘robotic’ taste changing with age 🙂 I never fancied cyborgs, humanoids and androids* – I believe robots are grant as long as you don’t mix them with humans…

* Yes, there is a certain terminology in the robotic world, not all ‘robots’ are the same!

And they are not the same in my drawings either. You won’t find two identical robots in this piece which is one-off and one of my favourite. It is an absolute feast for the eyes of true robot lovers 🙂

The drawing below is available on Etsy.







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