DIY Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Halloween has arrived! Normally we would have one pumpkin each to carve, but this year we ended up with three. We rescued one at a sale in the shop, so it ended up in a nice company instead of a bin. Halloween and saving one pumpkin’s life it is then! The biggest deal is always the design, which this year couldn’t be too time consuming (busy here at E&K’s nowadays…). Eoin decided to go for a very slick design: Slick – it’s his venture’s very first Halloween after all. I played ‘safe’ and went for a traditional scary look:-) And the biggest pumpkin got a quick makeover using a star-shaped cookie cutter.

Tip: Stuck for ideas? Search on Pinterest, there are tons of fantastic designs. Use a water-based marker to draw your design on a pumpkin first, it will come off easily if you miss any bits. For carving, use a sharp knife or box cutter (utility knife). Cookie cutters are great for simple, easy and quick shapes to cut out too.

Here are some snapshots of from our pumpkin carving evening:


2015-10-29 22.29.402015-10-29 22.29.482015-10-29 22.43.53-12015-10-29 22.36.40-22015-10-29 22.37.122015-10-29 23.53.582015-10-29 22.36.452015-10-29 22.30.052015-10-29 22.39.412015-10-29 22.39.492015-10-29 23.05.35 2015-10-29 22.44.10  2015-10-29 22.41.40 2015-10-29 23.54.162015-10-29 23.54.08

The main reason why I love carving pumpkins for Halloween is the smell you get out of the tea-lights lit and slowly ‘roasting’ the pumpkin from the inside. It’s amazing! Our pumpkins ended up on our coffee table in a company of other autumnal decorations, leaves, battery operated fairy lights, candles and those cute mini ‘pumpkins’… I came across this idea on Pinterest: mandarins and black Sharpie. Easy, and sooo cute! I know the pumpkins will only last a few more days, so for now I’m off – couch, smell of roasted pumpkins and Baileys. Happy Halloween!




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