DIY Autumn Table Decoration

Quick & easy autumnal table decoration!

All you need is a bowl, some leaves (I picked mine in Dublin), squash, apples & mandarin (all from M&S), pine cones (I picked them from the highest mountain in Ibiza, Sa Talaia de Sant Josep). 

Decoration like that is very easy to make. You can use any winter fruit and veg you might have in your kitchen. You might find some pine cones in your neighbourhood or forest; they are also easy to buy in arts & crafts shops. It’s a great time to pick some beautifully coloured leaves in Ireland right now as the weather has been really good for weeks so they are all dry and clean.*

I will eventually change the decoration when I decide to eat the fruit & veg! A great way to have a new decoration more often, isn’t it? 🙂

* It actually started to rain while I’m writing this. Happy Irish Autumn so!



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