DIY Flamingo t-shirt

I’ve tried stamp carving thingy and… I love it! It’s quite therapeutic, as every DIY activity for me anyway! It takes a little bit of work to get the precision right, but it with practice it does get better. The reason to make this flamingo t-shirt is simply a lack of such plain graphic t-shirts available to buy. I love white, oversized tops, and to get them with desired design, and at reasonable price, is impossible. So I got my hands dirty and ended up with a flamingo tee. More are on the way though. One with space invaders, dinosaurs, maybe some leaves, or letters. Watch this space :-)

Tip: The best place to get cheap plain ‘oversized’ white t-shirts is the men section in Primark!

The fact I stumbled upon a cheap stamp kit also helped! I got the kit in Tiger Store in Dublin, just to try out and see if stamp carving is for me at all. It definitely is! They also had a set of three blades/cutters, which did the job. Pencil-draw your design on a sheet of transfer paper provided with the kit, then press the paper onto the rubber to transfer the design. You can also draw directly on the rubber.

Tip: If you are stuck for ideas, look up on Google Images for ‘diy stamp design’ for example with a setting for ‘black and white’ images only. You can print out a design, then trace the contour with a pencil and  transfer it onto the rubber.

I got the fabric paint from Pebeo, which you can easily buy online. I went for Setacolor Light fabrics in black (No.19). The paint is very easy to use and fixing it can be done by ironing on the cotton setting (without steam), for 5 minutes on the reverse side of the fabric. The producer also suggest to wash the fabric at least 48 hours after fixing (40°C/100°F machine or hand washing). To apply the paint on the stamp itself, use an ink pad or a sponge (even a kitchen sponge will work!). I like a kind of a washed effect, so I didn’t use too much paint. Try it out first on paper and see what works for you.

Tip: To secure the fabric, put something firm underneath – I used a plastic kitchen chopping board.

Start stamping! The great thing about a stamp is that you can re-use it. Decorate a plain tote bag, scarf or use to make handmade cards adding a quote or greetings.

Here is a short video from Tiger Stores that might help you start! And share your creations on Social Media using hashtag #DIYTiger too.


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