I have always had a love for doodling, drawing and all things DIY. My Mum was very lucky – a piece of paper, a pen and a scissors used to keep me busy (and quiet) for hours since before I can remember. Now, the same tools keep me happy and through my Etsy shop I want to share that happiness with you.

I’m inspired by the forms and shapes found in nature, science and technology. I love art history, architecture, natural history, typography, hand-lettering, street art, urban landscape and minimalistic design. My favourite technique is working with black pen as it allows me to capture the tiniest of details and experiment with different line styles.

On this blog I will share my artwork that you can view in detail and buy on Etsy and in the DIY section I hope to inspire you by some of my DIY projects.

Thanks for stopping by!



*Anulka is my doodling alter ego. It comes from a nickname my Grandmother gave me for some unknown reasons, but I love it :-) Here you can listen how to pronounce it.

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